Forced addiction treatment

Addiction treatment

Compulsory treatment of drug addicts seems to be the only correct solution for many people, because it allows you to save a close person from addiction. Moreover, the current legislation of Ukraine makes it possible to carry out compulsory treatment of drug addicts without their consent. But this method has its pitfalls, and the main one is the low effectiveness of treatment.

Drug addiction is a heavy addiction, which must be dealt with by common forces, everyone must participate: specialized doctors, the patient himself and his relatives. Unfortunately, many drug addicts do not consider themselves sick, they perceive the desire of close people to help as an act of aggression, go into a “defensive” position, and only harm themselves and their close people.

Forced treatment of addictions in Ukraine

Modern narcology has the ability to conduct inpatient compulsory treatment of drug addicts with high efficiency. For this, the method of intervention is used, which implies the invasion of the patient’s private life by doctors in order to form a stable motivation for further treatment, rehabilitation and full recovery. 

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    They convey to the patient all the perniciousness of the existing problem and tell how to get him to be treated in the current situation. As a result, compulsory treatment turns out to be voluntary – the patient makes every effort to fully recover.

    The majority of drug addicts entering Kyiv for compulsory treatment refuse medical care out of fear:

    • To remain without the sensations obtained from the drug – after use, a person ceases to feel remorse, pain, problems seem to be something distant;
    • To endure unbearable torment (withdrawal) is the most pronounced fear that does not allow many patients to make a positive decision about treatment even during the period of communication with close people. The addict becomes irritable and aggressive only at the thought that he may be hurt and uncomfortable;
    • To radically change your life – it is difficult for a drug addict to get rid of his familiar environment. He feels needed in the circle of “friends”, whose main goal in life is to find and use the next dose.

    Competent work of narcologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists helps to relieve the patient of fears, opening the way for him to realize and effective treatment.

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    Clinic “MEDLUX” – forced treatment of drug addicts in Kyiv

    The specialists of the drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” provide the service of compulsory treatment of drug addicts. They use modern methods of treatment to motivate the patient and achieve a positive, sustainable result.

    The treatment takes place in several stages:

    • Initial diagnosis – the doctor determines the current physical and mental state of the patient;
    • Detoxification or ultra-fast detoxification – ensures the removal of drug residues and toxic products of its decay from the body. UFOD allows you to reduce the procedure time to 6-8 hours, and also eliminates painful breakage;
    • Drug therapy – aimed at restoring the normal function of vital organs and body systems;
    • Psychological work is a complex of psychological and psychotherapeutic measures aimed at the patient’s awareness of the existing problem and the creation of motivation for further treatment;
    • Rehabilitation – individual consultations, classes in groups and with the involvement of relatives of the patient.

    The competent approach of the specialists of the clinic “MEDLUX” makes it possible to make paid compulsory treatment of drug addicts, voluntary and as effective as possible!

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