Drug addiction treatment in Kharkov

Drug addiction treatment in Kharkov

Drug addiction is the most difficult problem of modern society, accompanied by tragedies in millions of families in Kharkov, Ukraine and the whole world. The disease affects people of all generations and age groups, regardless of educational level or social status. Its main danger is a constantly progressive form – without timely and correct treatment, the addict is not able to get rid of the problem on his own, which leads to disastrous consequences.

The main symptom of drug addiction is an uncontrollable craving for the use of psychoactive substances. If you find the first signs of addiction in your loved one, immediately seek drug treatment!

Features of the development of drug addiction

A key feature of drug addiction is a gradual development, which is accompanied by a multi-stage course and the formation of a number of syndromes.

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Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • Syndrome of variable reactivity – accompanied by a gradual decrease in the body’s defensive reflexes. The frequency of drug use increases and the type of intoxication itself changes. Over time, drug use becomes persistent;
  • Mental addiction is a constant companion of the disease. The patient develops a stable irresistible craving for taking psychoactive substances, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and general depression. It is the mental factor that often provokes the craving for drug use. After admission, the patient feels euphoria, feels a sense of imaginary well-being, satisfaction and cheerfulness;
  • Physical dependence is the last stage in the development of the disease. It manifests itself as a symptom complex, accompanied by a gradual increase in the body’s tolerance to the substance used. The patient needs more and more drugs to get the desired effect (high). In parallel, withdrawal symptoms are progressing.

Fact. Most of the close people of a drug addict, despite the public availability of information, are little aware of the disease, its course and the real consequences. More than 90% of the addict’s relatives are not ready to discuss this issue with him, which complicates the treatment.

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Signs of drug use

There is a whole range of signs that can indicate drug use by a particular person. They can vary depending on the type of substance used. Both individual signs and a whole complex can manifest themselves. They are divided into separate groups:

Physical signs of addiction

High fatigue, rapid weight loss, chronic runny nose and dry cough, unhealthy skin color, intense constriction-dilation of the pupils.

Behavioral signs of addiction

Self-elimination (interest in previously interesting things, people, events is lost), isolation, secrecy, regular lies and avoiding direct questions, rapid mood swings (from unreasonable excitement to apathy), nervousness, the appearance of dubious friends / acquaintances in the social circle.

Mental signs of drug addiction

Hallucinations, delusions, drowsiness or insomnia (sleep and wakefulness patterns can change rapidly), memory impairment, disorientation in space / time, decreased attention.

Social signs of addiction

Deterioration or lack of personal hygiene, interest in work or study disappears, ties with the usual circle of friends and family are interrupted, efficiency decreases, truancy appears, the law may be violated.

Note! For long-term drug addicts, the number of signs of drug addiction is gradually increasing. The most revealing sign is the traces of injections (drug administration) on the body.

Drug addiction is not always formed after the first use of the substance. But in most cases, there is a psychological craving for repetition of the sensations obtained during use – this factor, in the overwhelming majority of cases, is predetermining for repeated use.

Experts note that one average drug addict, in his life, encourages about 13-15 people to take drugs.

Reasons for addiction

Despite significant progress in the field of narcology, doctors cannot name the exact cause of the disease. However, there are factors that can influence the development of addiction. In different age groups of people, they may differ:

  • Teenagers are the most at risk group in the population. The first experience, as a rule, comes from the desire to prove to relatives and others their independence or as a result of banal curiosity. Also an important role is played by an example or pressure from older adolescents;

Fact. Narcologists say that about 30% of students of Ukrainian and Kharkov universities are addicted to narcotic substances of “chemical dependence”.

The most important factor often influencing the emergence of drug addiction in the younger generation is the lack of care and love from loved ones (parents), the lack of trust and understanding with these people. Also, an important reason for teenage drug addiction is the natural desire of young people to rebellion caused by internal conflict, when a teenager does not have self-confidence, and also has selfish considerations or does everything in spite of his family.

  • Adults are a group of people less prone to drug addiction. This is a layer of accomplished people with completely different motives. The main reason is systematic problems that require some effort and psychological will to solve. Not everyone can cope with high mental or physical stress by choosing easy ways to relieve stress.

With the coincidence of a number of factors and circumstances, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of the character of an adult, the latter tries to find opportunities for gaining psychological comfort. Psychoactive substances allow you to replace reality, drugs provide temporary peace and bliss. Therefore, the level of drug addiction among adults increases significantly during periods of economic and social crises, in parallel with an increase in unemployment and a decrease in the level of education of the population.

Mental effects of drug use

Even a single use of mentally active substances (drugs) can lead to serious consequences for a person’s mental health, including irreversible ones. Long-term use only increases their severity and the likelihood of irreversibility.
The most common consequences of drug use are: depression, bipolar disorder, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), schizophrenia, and others.

Statistics of drug addicts in Kharkov and Ukraine

The need for active treatment of drug addicts in Kharkov and Ukraine is confirmed by official statistics. According to which, only among injecting drug addicts, HIV infection is in the range of 42-76% of all patients.

1.7% of Kharkiv residents suffer from drug addiction. Every third Ukrainian family faces a problem. Every year 10-12 thousand people die from substance use in Ukraine. Overdose becomes the main cause of death. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, every 7 crimes is directly or indirectly related to drugs.

About 8-26% of school-age children (13-16 years old) had a single or multiple experience of using psychoactive substances.

As of 2018, there are more than half a million drug addicts in Ukraine, 300 thousand of whom are injecting drug users. 170 thousand drug addicts use on a regular basis, more than 5 thousand of them are children under 18 years of age.

By gender, in 80% of cases, men become drug addicts, in 20% – women. About 75% of global deaths are directly related to opioid use.

Number of drug addicts by gender (data in%)

Fact. According to official WHO data, Ukraine occupies one of the leading places in Europe in terms of the prevalence of drug addiction. Today there are over 1 million drug addicts in the country. More than 50,000 in Kharkov and Kharkov region.

How to get a drug addict to undergo treatment in Kharkov

As practice shows, the majority of drug addicts deny to the last that they have drug addiction. They say that they can quit at any time, they categorically refuse even an examination – this leads to the question of the need for compulsory drug addiction treatment. Such treatment always consists of two stages: psychological and physical impact. The forced stage is an exclusively forced measure aimed at eliminating the physical component of the disease.

Unfortunately, compulsory treatment does not give the desired effect. 95% of drug addicts forced to treatment receive a re-manifestation (relapse) of addiction in the first year after the course of treatment. Also, treatment on a compulsory basis is possible only by a court decision in Ukraine.

Only the patient’s awareness of their addiction and its harmfulness is the first step towards a complete cure of the problem. To create powerful motivation, specialists use the method of psychological intervention, which provides for a qualified immersion in the patient’s psychological space.

The main task of the doctor is to make positive changes in a person’s thinking, which help the addict to decide on a conscious course of treatment.

The method is based on the consultation of a psychiatrist. He comes to the addict’s house, where a conversation is held with the involvement of the patient’s relatives. The doctor tactfully guides the addict to make the right decisions and the emergence of powerful motivation.

The specialized drug clinic “MEDLUX” provides qualified round-the-clock assistance in Kharkov. The staff employs experienced psychotherapists, psychiatrists and narcologists. The clinic is accredited, which is confirmed by an up-to-date list of medical care standards.

Features of drug addiction treatment in Kharkov

The Kharkov clinic “MEDLUX” uses a proven drug addiction treatment program, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Admission to the patient – an initial consultation with a narcologist is performed, which is aimed at making the patient aware of all the perniciousness of his problem. The doctor convinces the patient to take the right steps and to agree to the therapy;
  2. Comprehensive examination – the addict undergoes a full examination, including the collection of anamnesis and instrumental and laboratory methods. The specialist determines the degree of development of the pathology, the experience of the addict and the presence of concomitant diseases;
  3. Appointment – on the basis of the data obtained, the doctor prescribes a course of drug addiction treatment. In the presence of withdrawal symptoms, “withdrawal withdrawal” is carried out – by the method of complex detoxification. When patients use opiate-type drugs, ultra-rapid opioid detoxification (UFOD) can be used. The detoxification process always takes place under the strict supervision of a qualified specialist. Therefore, the cost of drug addiction treatment depends on a whole range of factors.

The elimination of the decay products of drugs (toxins) is always performed in combination with drug therapy, which is aimed at normalizing the state of the body and the function of internal organs. Special regimens with antihypoxants, vitamins and antioxidants are prescribed. In some cases, additional methods can be used, such as: filing from drugs, plasmapheresis, hemodialysis, hemosorption, enterosorption, etc.

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At the first stages of treatment, it is important for the doctor to find out the reason why the addict began to use substances – this information is determined by the psychiatrist during the consultation process, based on the conversation and analysis of the patient’s psycho-emotional background.

After elimination of mental addiction, psychological rehabilitation of the addict is performed. The program is always selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s psycho-emotional state. The program may include occupational therapy and joint recreation with loved ones.

In “MEDLUX” the program of rehabilitation of codependents is successfully applied. It includes the need to rehabilitate a drug addict with the active involvement of his family and friends. All participants share a common path towards achieving the goal – the complete elimination of drug addiction. Close people see and feel all the difficulties that a drug addict goes through, and he feels the support of loved ones, feels their love.

Fact: In 94% of cases, using the codependent program can improve and strengthen relationships in the patient’s family. In such families, mutual understanding and mutual respect increase, and there is constant support for each other.

The most important stage in maintaining the achieved effect is post-rehabilitation support. During this period, patients gradually return to normal life, re-enter a normal society – this is one of the most important and difficult stages of complex drug addiction treatment. It is important to provide the patient with the possibility of active personal growth, reassessment of their own values. Often at this stage, the patient changes work or field of activity.

Drug addiction treatment in Kharkov with complete anonymity

Carrying out the treatment of drug addicts in Kharkov, we care about the comfort and safety of the patient, therefore we strictly observe the confidentiality of data. This norm is fundamental in the work of the center, therefore:

  • The real name of the addict is never disclosed, including will not be displayed in the documents;
  • The opportunity is given not to become a state drug dispensary;
  • Treatment will not be a problem that prevents you from realizing your ambitions in your profession and life after your illness.

Drug addiction treatment in the drug clinic “MEDLUX”

The confidentiality of patient data is guaranteed not only by the internal rules of the MEDLUX clinic in Kharkov, but also by the current legislation of Ukraine. The data can only be provided to law enforcement authorities, if requested.

The specialized drug treatment center “MEDLUX” provides professional treatment for drug addicts. The staff employs only certified specialists who have proven their qualifications in practice. Our advantages:

  • We use up-to-date programs for anonymous treatment;
  • More than 40% of working doctors have the highest category, more than 65% have 15 years or more experience in the specialty;
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of the patient’s condition is provided;
  • Confirmed percentage of stable remission – from 75%;
  • We successfully treat more than 3500 patients annually;
  • We practice a flexible pricing policy that allows us to receive high quality treatment for a reasonable price. The cost is announced before starting treatment.
  • Comfortable conditions of stay at the reception and in the hospital are provided, as well as a personal approach to each patient.

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    The price of drug addiction treatment in Kharkov

    Specialists of “MEDLUX” apply several effective treatment programs, their duration is 2-30 days. The chosen method, as well as the need for treatment of concomitant diseases, directly affect the duration and cost of drug dependence treatment.

    Prices for the main stages of treatment are indicated in the price list, which you can find below.



    Inpatient treatment

    from 4900 UAH / day *

    UBOD (Quick Detox)

    from UAH 30,000

    Outpatient drug treatment (detoxification)

    UAH 3000

    Drug test in urine + consultation with a narcologist

    1200 UAH.

    Initial consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist up to 1 hour (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!)

    UAH 1500

    Repeated consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist

    UAH 1000

    (The price includes: consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist, medicines, meals, the work of all specialists, round-the-clock observation and care, discharge).

    * The cost does not include complex laboratory diagnostics (700 UAH)

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