Drug addiction treatment in Dnipro

Drug addiction treatment in Dnipro

Drug addiction is a complex disease accompanied by an unnatural attraction of the patient to drug use. Today the problem has become widespread not only in the Dnieper and Ukraine, but throughout the world. More than 75% of deaths are directly or indirectly related to the use of psychoactive substances.

The key difficulty of drug addiction is the exposure of all people to the problem, regardless of gender, age group, education and social status. The disease has a chronic progressive form, which does not allow the addict to abandon addiction on their own.

Features of the development of drug addiction

The development of drug addiction is progressive in nature, including a phase course with the formation of a number of pronounced syndromes that directly affect the need to take certain steps in further treatment:

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  • Syndrome of variable reactivity – accompanied by a gradual loss of protective reflexes of the body, a change in the frequency of drug use, as well as a transition to regular use;
  • Psychic dependence is the most common and difficult phase, accompanied by the formation of a strong and constant craving for taking psychoactive substances. The patient has a systematically depressed mood; a feeling of acute dissatisfaction appears during the absence of the drug in the body. This syndrome is the main reason that pushes the addict to constant use. After taking a psychoactive substance, the addict feels artificial euphoria, well-being, vigor increases – these sensations persist during the period of the substance’s action;
  • Physical dependence is expressed by a whole complex of symptomatic manifestations, the main of which is a slow increase in the body’s tolerance to the drug (with each intake, the drug addict needs more and more to achieve the desired effect), as well as an increase in the withdrawal syndrome.

Fact. About 90% of the interviewed people who are close to the drug addict are not ready to discuss the existing problem with the patient today. Also, they are little aware of the real threats and consequences that drug addiction can lead to.

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Symptoms and signs of addiction: how to identify a drug addict

Similar to other diseases, drug addiction has a number of pronounced symptomatic manifestations and signs that can be used to determine whether a person is using drugs. All symptoms and signs are divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Physical – chronic cough and runny nose, rapid weight loss and fatigue, unhealthy skin color, irregular pupil sizes (enlarged / narrowed);
  2. Behavioral – avoiding direct answers to questions posed about the problem, rapid mood swings, apathy, agitation for no apparent reason, fussiness, loss of interest in previously interesting activities / people, atypical acquaintances, self-withdrawal from public life;
  3. Social – violation of the law, loss of interest in study or work, systematic absenteeism, untidiness, deterioration in working capacity, termination of communication with their circle of people, including loved ones;
  4. Mental – drowsiness or /en/insomnia/insomnia (can actively change), memory impairment, disorientation in time and space, decreased concentration of attention, unnatural reactions to what is happening around, unpredictable responses to any external influences, etc.

An important feature of drug addiction is the increase in symptoms in parallel with the experience of drug use. Also, an obvious sign is the appearance on the body of typical traces of drug administration (injections).

Experts have calculated that the average drug addict in Dnipro, in his life, encourages about 13-15 people to use drugs.

Why drug addiction appears

No single exact cause of drug addiction has been found today. But experts note a number of factors that can provoke the development of addiction in different age groups of the population:

  • Teenagers are the most susceptible to drug addiction. The main reason for the development of the problem is banal curiosity, as well as a desire to demonstrate to the environment their own independence. In adolescence, young men and women choose their own path by which they will enter adulthood – this is a time of rebellion and denial. A significant proportion of schoolchildren and students begin to use drugs following the example of their older comrades.

Fact. According to the observations of practicing narcologists, in Dnipro, about 30% of young people in universities are susceptible to “chemical addiction” (addiction to drug use).

Another reason for adolescent drug addiction is an acute lack of care and love on the part of loved ones, primarily parents – this provokes the loss of social ties, which complicates life in adolescence.

It must be remembered that drug addiction is a collective problem – most adolescents who find themselves in dysfunctional companies learn from the experience of their comrades. Newbies start taking drugs almost immediately.

  • Adults are a less susceptible category of people. It includes already established people who have completely different motives that induce them to addiction.

The main cause of drug addiction in adults is physical and mental weakness. Under the onslaught of problems requiring responsibility and timely decisions, an adult prefers to find a means of quick and effective relaxation – drugs. The number of adult drug addicts increases significantly during periods of economic turmoil. The cost of drugs for this group is not a restrictive barrier.

Drug addiction statistics in Dnipro and Ukraine

Drug addiction in Ukraine and the Dnieper has a clear gender bias. Drug addicts with constant experience in terms of sex ratio are: men – 80% of cases, women – 20% of cases.

The most dangerous category with a high mortality rate is injecting drug addicts – 42-76% of them are infected with HIV.

In Ukraine, more than 1.7% of the population suffer from drug addiction – this indicates the most acute problem in society. Today every 10th family has already faced drug addiction.

About 10-12 thousand people die annually from drugs, the most common cause of death is overdose.

According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 8-26% of school-age children had at least one experience of using psychoactive substances.

Officially registered drug addicts in Ukraine – 500 thousand. In the Dnieper – 60 000. Injection drug addicts – about 300 thousand. Drug addiction affected 170 thousand children under the age of 18.

Number of drug addicts by gender (data in%)

Fact. Today Ukraine occupies one of the first places in Europe for the distribution of drugs. According to international organizations, the number of permanent drug addicts is at least 1 million.

Mental consequences of drug use

Substance use leads to serious mental health problems that can be reversible and irreversible. The severity of the consequences is often proportional to the length of time of use and the type of drug, therefore, timely treatment of drug addiction will allow you to get rid of the problem with minimal damage to your health.

The most common consequences of drug use include neuroses, depression, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Features of drug addict motivation for treatment

One of the most difficult stages of addiction treatment in Dnipro is psychological work with drug addicts. Most of them categorically do not want to admit their problems, so relatives often bring up a conversation about the need for compulsory drug addiction treatment.

Practice shows that such treatment rarely gives the desired effect. In 95% of cases, the addict repeats the use in the first year after the course of treatment. This measure shows high efficiency only in the fight against the physical aspect of addiction. Also, this type of treatment, without the consent of the patient, is possible only by a court decision, which significantly complicates the procedure.

Complex psychological work is an important step towards successful therapy. In our clinic, the method of psychological intervention is practiced, aimed at close psychological work on the patient’s “inner territory” – it helps the addict to realize the entire perniciousness of the existing problem and to develop motivation for further successful treatment.

The basis of the method is to build a competent dialogue with the patient – a psychiatrist consultation, where the key task is considered to be positive changes in the thinking of the addict. Family and friends of the patient can be involved in the conversation. It is very important that the procedure is performed by a qualified specialist, because even the smallest detail can cause a relapse.

The drug clinic “MEDLUX” in the city of Dnipro is licensed and fully accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Services are provided around the clock, including for patients who are in critical condition. The staff employs experienced and qualified specialists: narcologists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. There is also modern diagnostic equipment.

How drug addicts are treated in Dnipro

In the process of drug addiction treatment, the specialists of the MEDLUX clinic use a complex program consisting of several stages. Depending on the patient’s condition, experience of addiction and other circumstances, the number and list of stages can be adjusted:

  1. Psychological work is aimed at the drug addict’s awareness of his problem and its perniciousness. The stage is based on the consultation of a narcologist (within the framework of the application of the method of psychological intervention). The main task is to obtain the patient’s consent for further therapy;
  2. Comprehensive examination is a diagnostic stage aimed at determining the complexity of the pathology, the experience of the addict and the presence of concomitant diseases. Anamnesis collection, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics are performed;
  3. The purpose of the course is performed by a doctor, after a comprehensive analysis of the data obtained from the anamnesis and diagnostic examination. Without fail, the doctor prescribes supportive therapy to eliminate withdrawal symptoms (relieve withdrawal symptoms).

In the treatment of drug addiction, a complex detoxification of the body is carried out (with the use of opioids, ultra-fast opioid detoxification can be prescribed). The basis of the method is drug therapy, which includes the use of schemes with various components: antihypoxants, vitamins and antioxidants. It is important to protect and restore the function of vital systems and internal organs.

Preliminary or parallel symptomatic treatment of concomitant diseases can be carried out. An important stage in the treatment is the filing of drugs – it allows you to create a powerful psychological and physical barrier that works at critical moments.

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Psychological assistance is also provided, allowing the patient to stabilize the psychological state, and the doctor – to determine the root cause that prompted the drug use.

The final stage of drug addiction treatment is the rehabilitation of the drug addict. At this stage, the patient returns to a normal, drug-free social life. Individual and group sessions can be appointed, relatives and friends can be involved. The most important elements of drug addiction rehabilitation are occupational therapy, sports and cultural events.

The drug treatment center “MEDLUX” uses the program of codependents, which is based on close interaction of the patient with his loved ones. Together they go through all stages of treatment, and also feel the difficulties faced by the addict. The presence and support is very important for the patient – in the most difficult moments, he feels love and sympathy from his family.

Fact: The result of participation in a codependent program is the formation of close trusting relationships and mutual respect in the patient’s family. All participants noted that it is not easy to get rid of the addiction, but it is much easier to do it together.

Post-rehab support is just as important as the drug addiction treatment process. It allows a person not to deviate from the right path, gradually returning to a normal healthy society. This stage is one of the most difficult in the whole process of drug addiction treatment and requires constant monitoring by relatives and a doctor. The crown of post-rehabilitation support is the correct reassessment of the values existing in the life of the addict.

“MEDLUX” – Anonymous drug addiction treatment in Dnipro

The specialized drug addiction center “MEDLUX” offers favorable conditions for drug addiction treatment in Dnipro with strict confidentiality. In the course of treatment, we:

  • We ensure complete confidentiality of patient data – his real name does not appear even in documents;
  • We offer the optimal cost of services – the price is competitive in the market with high quality of service;
  • We provide an opportunity not to register with the state drug dispensary.

In addition to the internal charter of the clinic, anonymity is guaranteed by the current legislation of Ukraine. The data can be provided to third parties only after a corresponding request from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Advantages of drug addiction treatment at the MEDLUX clinic

“MEDLUX” provides the patient with a whole range of advantages:

  1. Only qualified specialists – more than 40% of doctors have the highest category, 60% have more than 15 years of experience in the profession;
  2. Last year, more than 3,500 patients were effectively treated;
  3. High rate of successful remission – more than 75%;
  4. Affordable cost of services – prices are comfortable for most patients;
  5. Excellent conditions of stay, only a personal approach;
  6. Our doctors regularly participate in relevant conferences and seminars, constantly improve their qualifications.

By contacting MEDLUX, you can be sure of a professional approach and quality treatment!

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    What is the price of drug addiction treatment in Dnipro

    Our center uses several highly effective programs for the treatment of drug addicted patients (the duration of treatment varies within 2-7 days). The duration of the program is determined by the doctor, based on the data of the initial examination and diagnostic examination. You can come to our drug treatment center on your own or use the patient transfer service accompanied by a narcologist.

    You can find detailed pricing in the price list below.



    Inpatient treatment

    from 4900 uah /day *

    UBOD (Quick Detox)

    from 30000 uah

    Outpatient drug treatment (detoxification)

    3000 uah

    Drug test in urine + consultation with a narcologist

    1200 uah

    Initial consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist up to 1 hour (upon admission to the hospital - free of charge!)

    1500 uah

    Repeated consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist

    1000 uah

    (The price includes: consultation with a narcologist / psychiatrist, medicines, meals, the work of all specialists, round-the-clock observation and care, discharge).

    * The cost does not include complex laboratory diagnostics (700 UAH)

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