Stay silent cannot speak. Where do you put a comma?

Seeing a psychologist - show weakness?

Seeing a psychologist – show weakness?

A person can independently fight depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder and other psychological problems, but they cannot. Untimely access to a specialist can lead to serious consequences. But, as statistics show, only 45% of people with mental health problems seek help.

So historically it has developed throughout the post-Soviet space that people consider trips to the “shrink” something shameful. Indeed, during the Soviet era, the culture of practical psychology was absolutely undeveloped.

But let’s compare: why a visit to the dentist is considered the norm, but a visit to a psychologist is not? Some explain this by saying that “paying money to talk to you is ridiculous.” But we are convinced that it is ridiculous not to be able to independently deal with our internal problems and to be silent about it.

In the West, no one is ashamed to seek help from a specialist. Many have their own family psychologist and this is considered the norm. Note that Ukraine is gradually approaching European practice.

The digitalization of the modern world has allowed a large number of psychologists and psychotherapists, who run their channels on social networks, to record videos and shoot live broadcasts from seminars where people talk about painful things to a large audience and do not hesitate to ask questions about the personal, thereby showing the society that they are not you should be afraid of your problem. After all, many people may have similar difficulties.

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    Psychotherapy, conversation, or talk therapy (whatever the name) can benefit people who are struggling with emotional difficulties, life problems, and mental health issues.

    We very often hear the phrase “thinking a lot is harmful.” Our mental structure is very delicate, and any thought processes affect our brain. Thus, constant stress is fraught with increased levels of cortisol, which can kill the brain cells responsible for the formation of long-term memory and emotions.

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    And the task of the psychologist is to analyze all the destructive moments, which, often, the person himself does not know about. Those moments that friends or relatives do not exactly count.

    If you feel depressed and cannot cope with all life situations on your own, if even the slightest everyday problem knocks you out of the rut, then it’s time to turn to a psychologist who will help you solve the problem, and not run away from it to the gym, to friends or to shopping.

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