Forced treatment of alcoholism


The main problem of the majority of alcoholics is a lack of understanding of all the perniciousness of their disease, as well as a categorical reluctance to undergo treatment followed by rehabilitation. Relatives persuade the addict, try to find a compromise, even try to put pressure on him morally, but get the opposite effect – the resistance only increases.

Modern narcology knows how to get an alcoholic to be treated – doctors use the method of intervention. It provides for the professional help of narcologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists who penetrate the patient’s psychological space and form motivation for further treatment. This approach allows the patient to make an independent positive decision for further treatment.

How to send for forced treatment of alcoholism in ukraine

Compulsory treatment of alcoholics is a common option that allows addicts to get rid of their problem and return to normal life. Such treatment is carried out only in the hospital of the clinic, under the round-the-clock supervision of specialized specialists.


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    Doctors must monitor the patient’s condition at every stage of his treatment, 24/7. Treatment of a patient from alcoholism without consent can be carried out, referring to the current legislation of Ukraine.

    As a rule, treatment without consent is ineffective, because a person does not understand why he is being held in a hospital, and also take certain medical measures. The current situation causes a protest – it can lead to a breakdown in the first weeks/months after the completion of rehabilitation.

    In order for the patient to receive the highest quality care with a long-term effect, the specialists of the clinic for compulsory treatment of alcoholism must conduct high-quality preliminary preparation of the patient.

    Compulsory treatment of alcoholism without the consent of the patient is carried out in several stages:

    • Initial examination – doctors assess the patient’s current physical and psychological condition;
    • The placement of the patient in the hospital of the clinic – with round-the-clock supervision of specialized specialists;
    • Complex detoxification – allows you to remove the remnants of alcohol and toxic products of its decay from the body quickly;
    • Drug treatment – aimed at restoring the vital functions of organs and systems;
    • Psychological work is aimed at conveying to the patient all the perniciousness of his addiction. Doctors create a steady motivation for further treatment and rehabilitation in order to achieve the set goal;
    • Rehabilitation – classes are held in groups, individual classes, as well as classes with relatives and friends of the patient.

    Thanks to a competent approach, compulsory treatment of alcoholism without the consent of the patient, allows you to change the views of an alcoholic on his problem radically, making compulsory treatment voluntary.

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    Forced treatment of alcoholic in kyiv – medlux clinic

    The specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” offers favorable conditions for compulsory treatment of alcoholism in a hospital. We have created all the conditions for a comfortable stay of patients: comfortable wards with individual bathrooms, which are under round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel.

    Patients are dealt with only by highly qualified experienced doctors who practice a personal approach – this allows the patient to feel cared for, and the doctor – to carry out treatment and rehabilitation, taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

    If you do not know where and how to put on compulsory treatment for alcoholism – contact MEDLUX, and we will help you!

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