Alcoholic psychosis: symptoms, treatment

What is alcoholic psihoz

Alcohol psychosis is an acute disorder of brain activity caused by systematic prolonged use of alcohol. As a rule, it is the result of prolonged alcoholism or acute alcohol intoxication. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, the clinical picture may differ significantly, which complicates the diagnosis.

If your close person abuses alcohol and has the first signs of alcoholic psychosis, immediately contact a drug treatment clinic for help. Doctors will be able to diagnose the problem in a timely manner and provide the correct treatment that can return a person to a normal life with a sober mind!

Causes of alcoholic psychosis

The key reason for the development of alcoholic psychosis is a genetic predisposition, in rare cases – the social environment and living conditions in which the alcoholic lives. One way or another, psychosis develops against the background of uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages that disrupt the normal functioning of internal organs and systems (as a rule, the process of development of pathology takes 3-5 years). In recent years, narcologists have noted a significant rejuvenation of the disease. Psychosis is increasingly manifested in young people who begin drinking alcohol in adolescence. At a young age, the nervous system is not yet fully formed, which leads to violations of its development under the influence of alcohol.

Symptoms of alcoholic psychosis

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    Alcohol psychosis can cause a wide variety of symptomatic manifestations. They may differ and depend on the individual characteristics of a particular patient. But there are a number of universal signs observed in most patients.

    Classic signs and symptoms of alcoholic psychosis:

    • Increased irritation and aggressive behavior – manifests itself without objective reasons for this. The patient may be irritated by elementary things and words, including from close people;
    • Sleep disturbance – it is difficult for the patient to fall asleep. He may be tormented by sleeplessness lasting several days or weeks in a row;
    • Abrupt mood swings – a completely cheerful person instantly becomes sad and vice versa (without the presence of objective reasons);
    • Increased anxiety – people around him become suspicious for the patient, minor sounds/rustles may frighten him. Hysterical seizures are possible against the background of unreasonable anxiety;
    • Hallucinations – the patient can take hallucinations for reality, which is dangerous for himself and others;
    • Partial memory loss – manifests itself against the background of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. In memory, certain moments or whole segments may fall out.

    Note! The symptomatic manifestation of psychosis is individual, therefore, in each individual case, it can differ significantly!

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    How to treat alcoholic psychosis

    Treatment of alcoholic psychosis is complex and is always performed in a narcological clinic. The classical method of treatment involves the following steps:

    • Primary reception – assessment of the current physical and mental state, making the correct diagnosis;
    • Complex detoxification of the body – ensures the removal of alcohol residues and toxic products of its decay from the body;
    • Psychotherapy and drug therapy – involves the use of a wide range of psychotropic drugs, nootropics, tranquilizers, neuroleptics, etc.;
    • Supportive therapy – drugs are prescribed that normalize and support the work of vital organs and body systems;
    • Physiotherapy procedures – exercise therapy (physiotherapy exercises), massages, the use of physiotherapeutic medical devices.

    The choice of the optimal method for treating alcoholic psychosis is always determined by the doctor, based on the data of the initial examination, diagnosis and test results!

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