Advantages of drip against drinking period

Benefits of a dropper from binge

Binge is a manifestation of a severe form of alcohol dependence, characterized by the constant use of alcoholic beverages for 2 or more days. It manifests itself against the background of severe alcohol intoxication, accompanied by denial of the problem by the patient, loss of appetite, decreased performance and neglect of hygiene rules.

Droppers for binge drinking are a medical method for removing a patient from a severe drunken state, in order to normalize the physiological functions of the body, replenish lost reserves, and also normalize the mental state. Droppers can be installed both at the patient’s home and in the in-patient clinic of a narcological clinic.

Special aspects of drip prescription

In narcology, there are two main types of drunken states: true and false. Each of them requires a special approach from the drug clinic doctor.

With a false binge, a person does not suffer from alcoholism, but drinks alcohol for a long time – more than 2 days (for one reason or another: New Year’s holidays, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.). A false binge can go away on its own, without the intervention of specialists – after a hangover, the state of health improves, and the person is not drawn to drink.

With a true binge, a person has a stable alcohol dependence. Self-exit is very difficult for the patient, and sometimes not possible. Emergency medical care is needed after 1-2 days of being in a drunken state. The longer a person is in this state, the more severe the consequences for his health.

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    Note! A dropper for binge drinking at home is recommended for patients who are in a binge state for no more than 2-3 days, if binge drinking lasts more than 3 days – the withdrawal should be done only in a hospital clinic, using monitoring medical equipment under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists.

    Advantages of drip against drinking period

    The key advantage of using a dropper to get a patient out of a binge is to relieve alcohol intoxication. Toxic substances accumulated in the body negatively affect almost all organs and systems of a person. The dropper provides a comprehensive replenishment of lost resources and normalizes the general condition of the body.

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    The main advantages of a dropper from hard drinking:

    • Provides almost instant assimilation of substances entering the blood;
    • The drip system doses the concentration of the injected composition, distributing the entire volume for the optimal injection time. Thus, there is no excessively fast or slow delivery of the necessary drugs;
    • Allows the doctor to optimize the composition of the dropper for the individual physiological characteristics of a particular patient;
    • Promotes blood thinning, reduces the load on the human cardiovascular system – this stimulates the rapid recovery of the body;
    • The painful symptomatic manifestations of withdrawal symptoms are eliminated – within a few hours after the installation of the dropper, the person almost completely restores his usual state and does not experience physical discomfort;
    • The composition of the dropper accelerates the process of restoring the function of internal organs, including the heart and liver.

    The result of installing a dropper for binge drinking at home or in an inpatient clinic of a narcological clinic is a quick stabilization of the state, replenishment of lost body reserves and improvement of well-being!

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