Dependence on computer games: what is it, causes, treatment

Addiction to computer games

It is safe to say that this is the youngest of the existing types of psychological addiction. Our parents never knew, nor could they have known about this disease. Even now, many scientists disagree that this is a separate type of disease. The birth and scourge of the new century: the age of the Internet and high technologies, the availability of information and the modernization of society.

What is game (computer) dependence?

Computer addiction is a special form of psychological addiction, which manifests itself in the obsession with computer games.

This problem is terrible because most of the addicts are the younger generation. These are children and adolescents, as well as young people whose psyche is still being formed. Moreover, young men are exposed to it more often than girls.

Nowadays, almost every family has a computer, and often more than one. The ease with which you can simply press a button, turn on the magic box and plunge into a parallel world constantly tempts. Ask any kid in your backyard which computer game is his favorite? Almost everyone knows the answer to this question for sure.

Reasons of dependence on computer games

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    A way to get out of the routine. Seeming simplicity and routine of everyday life. A way to get away from the problems of the outside world. The ability to easily choose the world around you through the game up to personality, social status, life scenario.

    Copying family behavior. If parents sit at a family dinner without talking and buried in gadgets, do not be surprised that the child will not be addicted to the computer. Any model of adult behavior is perceived and copied by children subconsciously, especially at a younger age.

    Dissatisfaction and inferiority complex. The desire to catch up in real life. After all, in the game, you can easily be the best version of yourself.

    Family troubles and social problems. In a parallel universe, negative stress can always be relieved.

    Boredom. A way to kill your free time in the simplest way, at first glance. Just turn on the computer.

    Symptoms of computer dependence

    It is worth paying attention if you notice in a close person:

    • Improved mood when in contact with the computer and connecting the game;
    • Irritation and unwillingness to break away from the game for a long time;
    • Panic attacks in the absence of visible contact with the computer;
    • Constantly postponing the end of the game and making excuses for it;
    • Neglecting close people and communicating with them in favor of the game;
    • Refusal of personal hygiene, and often food for spending time with the game;
    • Neglect of social responsibilities, family values, study;
    • Avoiding sleep in favor of playing on the computer.
    • Reduction of all conversations to computer gaming topics.

    A detailed picture of the disease leads to a lack of self-control and a change in self-criticism towards oneself, with a gradual disintegration of the personality and the loss of moral values.

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    Intervention as a way to convince the addict to treat

    To achieve the fastest and most sustainable result, doctors use various forms of psychotherapy. Each of them allows you to influence the patient’s thinking, pushing him to believe that the path of medical treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction is the only correct one at this stage of his life.

    Several different forms of psychotherapy are practiced by doctors, including:

    • Individual (personal) – the doctor and the patient remain face to face, the most favorable confidential atmosphere is created, the necessary information is discussed and communicated to the patient;
    • Group – involves the involvement of other people who have a similar problem;
    • Family – held in a circle of close people (parents, spouses, children, brothers / sisters). Allows you to build trusting family relationships and find mutual understanding between close people.

    Taking into account the individual psychological characteristics of the patient, as well as the speed of achieving the desired result, psychotherapy can be short-term or long-term.

    At the stage of convincing the addict to undergo treatment, the doctor must show all his professional qualities, use a creative approach and a certain courage that allows the patient to trust the specialist. This will make it possible to change the destructive thinking of the addict and direct it to positive changes in life, through treatment and complete getting rid of the addictive addiction.

    Psychologist’s advice

    If your close person suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction, you should not follow the path of building ultimatums or lengthy repeated persuasion – the patient will not begin self-treatment and will not seek help from doctors. He will consider you a personal enemy, only stepping back from the right path.

    It is worth using the “soft” method of medical intervention. It is aimed at a gradual change in a person’s thinking, until the moment when he understands the lamentability of the current situation and agrees to voluntary treatment, followed by rehabilitation.

    Intervention should be done only by trained specialists who know the mental characteristics of addicted people. Unqualified assistance can only aggravate the situation.

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