Aggressive behavior

Treatment of aggression

Aggression. This word has a stable negative meaning, and immediately associations of fights, conflicts, scandals, and so on emerge in one’s mind.    Unfortunately for pacifists, aggression both in humans and in nature as a whole is not an attribute of some kind of evil, but is an evolutionary mechanism, a natural trait of living beings.

Then why for us, modern people, aggression and ‘bad’ are synonyms? The answer is simple, with the emergence of society, the demands of the environment have radically changed, and nature has left us all the traits acquired in the course of evolution, which, at least once, were useful to humans in survival, for a keepsake of the Neolithic Era, so to say. Aggression is just one of them. It is worth noting here that humans’ aggression is somewhat different from all living things – only humans are characterized by intraspecific aggression as a mass phenomenon, in other mammals it is limited at the instinctive level.

So, although aggression is a natural feature of living things, its control and suppression is a prerequisite for being in society. Fortunately, most of the manifestations of aggression fall within the scope of law enforcement and are not related to psychiatry.

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    However, aggression is a frequent and most dangerous manifestation of a number of mental disorders, and requires the assistance of doctors, but not educational or punitive measures.

    Treatment of aggression

    Being a manifestation of the disease, and not the disease itself, aggression requires the identification of the painful causes of it, and treatment aimed at them.
    Aggression accompanies a range of various disorders from personality disorders to psychotic states, when aggression is caused by hallucinations, or delusional ideas.

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    Therefore, there can be no ground rules for dealing with aggression, but it is unacceptable to endure or to justify it. Depending on the circumstances, you need to immediately seek help; in cases of physical aggression, you should never hesitate to initially seek help from the police.

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