Alcohol for diabetes

Alcohol for diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a serious illness accompanied by a chronic metabolic disorder in the body, with all the ensuing consequences: polyuria, general weakness, increased appetite, dry skin, itching, polydyspepsia, visual impairment, etc.

The main cause of diabetes is a lack of natural insulin production, as well as glycemia (excess amount of glucose in the blood). In the course of treatment, doctors prescribe a strict diet that restricts or completely stops drinking. Let’s see if it is possible to drink alcohol for diabetics, as well as what recommendations doctors give.

Features of alcohol consumption by diabetics

People with diabetes take a long time to get used to a new way of life, because before they did not have to strictly observe the diet, they could drink alcohol anywhere and in almost any quantity. Unfortunately, diabetes mellitus is a serious disease in which non-compliance with the recommendations of doctors can play a “cruel joke”, in the form of a whole complex of complications, up to and including death.

People who drink alcohol are at increased risk of developing a glycemic crisis, which can lead to death. If a person suffers from alcoholism or cannot always control the amount of alcohol consumed, it is worth completely eliminating alcohol from the diet.

Negative factors of alcohol consumption by a diabetic:

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    • Slowing down the flow of glucose into the body – the liver reduces the production of glucose, which can cause increased stress on the organ. With the systematic use of alcohol, the rapid development of acute, including irreversible liver pathologies is possible;
    • Excess carbohydrates – caused by the intake of a large amount of carbohydrates along with alcohol. It is especially dangerous for type 1 diabetics, when insulin is injected into the body, forming an increased concentration in the blood – this can provoke cellular starvation, quickly worsen the general well-being of a person and cause the first signs of hypoglycemia;
    • Lipid deposition is a dangerous factor for diabetics. The concentration of concentrated carbohydrates in alcohol leads to the rapid deposition of fat in the body;
    • Exacerbation of Chronic Diseases – Alcohol provokes the aggravation of chronic diseases, affecting health overall.

    Note! Most diabetics need to regularly take a range of medications that reduce the risk of rapid development of diabetes complications and maintain vascular elasticity. Almost all of these drugs are incompatible with alcohol!

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    Is it possible to take alcohol for diabetics

    Despite a wide range of contraindications, experts allow diabetics to consume certain types of strong drinks. But alcohol intake should be strictly controlled. Exceeding the recommended doses can threaten the development of severe consequences, up to and including death.

    Diabetics can use (per day):

    • Rum, vodka, whiskey – up to 50ml;
    • Wine drinks (only dry wine) – up to 150 ml;
    • Beer (any kind) – up to 350 ml.

    Diabetics are not allowed to consume: sweet/semi-sweet wine drinks, liqueurs, champagne, alcoholic cocktails (based on sweet carbonated drinks).

    Drinking alcohol is necessary in small doses; a long time should pass between doses. Drinking the daily allowance of alcohol in one gulp is strictly prohibited – this can lead to the development of lightning complications.

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