Butyrate addiction treatment

Treatment of dependence on Butyrat

Sodium oxybutyrate (butyrate, butik, but, pinocchio, cap) is a drug of synthetic origin, which has a pronounced nootropic effect, causes addiction. Butyrate is based on the sodium salt of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, which is similar in its action to GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid). The impact on the body occurs according to a similar principle with energy drinks that actively stimulate the brain and nervous system.

In its primary form, butyrate has a powdery forum of yellowish or white color, it dissolves well in water. But as a drug, it is already distributed in liquid form, suitable for injection or oral use. In non-medical doses, the drug provokes rapid intoxication, is addictive, and with prolonged use, a strong psychological and physical dependence develops, which is almost impossible to cope with on your own.

Symptoms and signs of butyrate use

Given the mechanism of butyrate’s effect on the human body, symptomatic manifestations are of two types: physiological and psycho-emotional. By the nature of the manifestation, the symptoms are similar to the conditions characteristic of the use of alcohol or lyrics.

The use of butyrate in relatively small doses does not cause pronounced physiological manifestations, which reduces the likelihood of addiction being detected by other people. It is often possible to determine the fact of use in the early stages of addiction only after passing a drug test.

With the use of medium and large doses of butyrate, more pronounced signs and symptoms of substance use appear: antisocial behavior, unreasonable hyperactivity, movements atypical for a person. Sharp emotional changes are also possible: joy and friendliness are replaced by anger, aggression and vice versa.

The systematic use of butyrate leads to a gradual increase in tolerance – this means that with each dose the patient needs more of the substance to achieve the desired effect, which often leads to overdoses. They are accompanied by an almost complete loss of control over their own actions or loss of consciousness. In experienced drug addicts, a decrease in the severity of euphoria is noticeable.

Relatives of the addict may notice other drastic changes in the behavior of the addict: secrecy appears, there is a sharp change in the circle of friends, dubious acquaintances appear, a person spends money, but does not say what, uses various vials, bags, bottles in everyday life.

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    How long does the effect last

    Butyrate causes narcotic intoxication of the body within 10-15 minutes after consumption. At this time, there is a strong stimulating effect on the brain, so a person feels a surge of imaginary euphoria, abruptly changes his behavior and tries to “break away”, get maximum pleasure.

    The effect of taking butyrate lasts only 2-2.5 hours after consumption, therefore, to maintain the effect, it is necessary to take the substance quite often – this is a direct path to addiction. The drug itself causes a strong addiction – this means that the addict practically cannot resist his craving for another use, and the treatment for this harmful addiction will be long and difficult.

    Stages of intoxication with butyrate

    Like most other types of drugs, butyrate intoxication occurs in three main stages. The nature of the manifestation at each stage depends on the amount of substance used and the individual characteristics of the human body:

    1. Easy stage – manifests itself after taking 1 – 1.5 ml of butyrate. It is characterized by slight dizziness, an imaginary pleasant feeling of euphoria, high spirits and increased brain activity;
    2. Middle stage – occurs after consumption of more than 1.5 ml of butyrate. It is characterized by severe dizziness, feeling of nausea, vomiting, disorientation in space. The patient exhibits inadequate, practically controlled behavior. As a rule, a drug addict wants unbridled fun, libido greatly increases. Former life values ​​and principles fade into the background;
    3. Severe stage – manifested in the case of high or critical doses of butyrate. The addict practically loses control over his actions, does not feel the boundaries of what is permitted. Often “turns off” for 6 hours or more, may lose consciousness.

    Development of addiction

    Dependence on butyrate develops in three main stages: mental, tolerance and physical. Let’s take a closer look:

    • Mental dependence – the next use is due to the desire to again feel the effect of euphoria or get away from problems. A person is constantly in thoughts about butyrate, and also has a desire to use it again;
    • Increasing tolerance – to achieve the desired effect, the addict needs an increasing dose, which often leads to an overdose. At this stage, immediate rehabilitation of the drug addict is already required;
    • Physical – accompanied by a strong addiction. A person cannot feel normal without the presence of butyrate in the blood. There is a rapid degradation of mental abilities and personality. Substance use becomes the meaning of life, and the old values ​​no longer matter. Drug addiction treatment at this stage is very difficult and not always effective.
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    Butyrate overdose – what to do?

    A pronounced toxic effect of butyrate on the body begins when taking 2.5 or more grams of the substance. In case of an overdose, the patient should be given immediate medical attention. If he lost consciousness – put him on his side, in order to prevent asphyxia with vomit.

    Algorithm of actions in case of butyrate poisoning:

    1. Calling an ambulance;
    2. Keep the person awake;
    3. Try to gastric lavage (if the drug was taken orally);
    4. Monitor your breathing and heart rate.

    After the arrival of the ambulance, the narcologists of the MEDLUX clinic will perform an immediate detoxification of the body from drugs – this will reduce the toxic effect of butyrate on the addict’s body and eliminate the risk of death.

    The consequences of the use of butyrate – what is dangerous?

    The systematic use of butyrate leads to a whole range of adverse health and life consequences, including:

    • A stable addiction develops, which is very difficult to get rid of on your own, it is necessary to use complex drug treatment for a drug addict;
    • A sharp decrease in the concentration of electrolytes in the blood plasma, which leads to hypoglycemia;
    • The work of the internal organs and systems of a person is disrupted, especially the kidneys, respiratory and cardiovascular systems suffer;
    • The work of the brain worsens, cognitive functions decrease. In the last stages, there is a complete degradation of the personality of an addicted person.

    The lack of timely drug treatment for a butyrate addict often leads to death.

    The effect of drugs on the psyche

    Given the pronounced psychotropic properties, butyrate has a direct negative effect on the human psyche. According to the mechanism of action, it resembles the combination of “ecstasy” with alcohol, but with a higher level of danger.

    Impact on the psyche leads to such consequences as: confusion, inappropriate behavior, hallucinations, illusions, pathological thinking, rejection of social norms, desire for unjustified risk, suicidal tendencies and aspirations, distorted perception: light, sound, tactile sensations, etc.

    Butyrate addiction treatment

    Treatment of addiction to butyrate in Kyiv from the MEDLUX drug treatment clinic is a complex process that requires a multifaceted approach. Often includes the following steps:

    • Comprehensive detoxification of the patient’s body from drugs and butyrate decay products;
    • Psychological work aimed at accepting the patient’s own problem and the formation of a stable motivation for a complete cure;
    • Drug therapy in order to normalize the work of vital organs and systems;
    • Rehabilitation and resocialization – helping the drug addict to return to a normal way of life, where there are positive emotions and aspirations, but there is no dependence on butyrate.

    Such a problem as dependence on butyrate requires a responsible medical approach. Only in the conditions of a drug clinic, a butyrate addict can receive the necessary help!

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