‘Filing’ the ampoule from alcoholism

‘Filing’ the ampoule from alcoholism

Alcoholism is a very dangerous type of addiction for a person. A progressive disease quickly destroys physical health, provokes active moral degradation, makes life simply unbearable: plans collapse, relatives, friends, colleagues suffer.

Today there are several popular methods of dealing with alcohol addiction, both in a clinic and at home. One of the most effective is the insertion of an ampoule, which allows you to put a serious psychological and physical barrier in front of the patient, eliminating the desire to use the next dose under fear of unbearable pain and anguish.

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‘Filing’ ampoule from alcoholism in ukraine – procedure requirements

‘Filing’ an ampoule from alcoholism can show high efficiency only in combination with other medical rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures. It is very important that the addict fully understands the perniciousness of his problem and sincerely wants to get rid of it.

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Ampoule ‘filing’ is carried out in several main stages:

  • A complex detoxification is carried out, which allows you to remove the remnants of alcohol from the body, as well as toxic products of its decay;
  • Diagnostic procedures are performed to determine the presence of contraindications to the use of specific medications (ampoules);
  • A professional psychologist conducts work with a patient aimed at creating a stable patient motivation for his own treatment – without motivation, the chance of recovery is reduced to zero;
  • The procedure of ‘filing’ an ampoule can be started only after 5-7 days of abstinence from drinking alcoholic drinks. Even small doses are not allowed;
  • In the clinic, taking into account the requirements for asepsis and antiseptics, the doctor performs the manipulation of ‘filing’ an ampoule with a drug.

The duration of the drug can be different, usually from several months to several years.

During this time, the patient manages to undergo a treatment and recovery course, as well as a rehabilitation course, allowing him to return to a normal life without drugs, to restore the natural mental and physiological health of the body.

‘Filing’ an ampoule from alcoholism – price in Kyiv

  • Implantation of a gel containing Disulfiram (from 1 to 3 years old) 7000 - 9000 uah
  • Implantation (‘filing’) of the Esperal capsule 8000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Vivitrol 12000 uah
  • Injection of the drug Tetlong 250 3500 uah
  • Author's ‘coding’ technique (three-stage complex) 5400 uah
  • ‘Coding’ by the Dovzhenko method from 4500 uah
  • Psychopharmacological ‘coding’ 6000 - 8000 uah
  • ‘Decoding’ from alcohol 3000 uah

The cost of ‘filing’ an ampoule against alcoholism in the MEDLUX addiction clinic is formed taking into account a number of factors. The key aspects include: the patient’s current physiological state, the presence of stable motivation to overcome his own problem, the individual tolerance of drugs, the place of the procedure, as well as a number of other parameters that can only be determined by the doctor after the initial examination, as well as based on the results of a complex diagnostics of a specific patient.

Are you or your close people suffering from alcoholism? Do you want to get rid of this pernicious problem once and for all? Contact our specialists right now, and they will do their best to help you and your close people!

Author </br> Neyasov Vadim
Neyasov Vadim

Narcologist, psychotherapist, head of the clinic


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