Formula of the drip against drinking period

Formula of alcohol drippers

Binge is a serious condition of the body associated with the systematic prolonged use of alcoholic beverages. It is accompanied by acute alcohol intoxication, unstable psycho-emotional state and a whole range of physiological problems.

The most effective way to remove a person from drinking period is to install a dropper with a special composition of drugs. It allows you to remove the remnants of alcohol and toxic products of its decay from the body in the shortest possible time, normalize the work of vital organs, and minimize the overall negative consequences of abuse for the body.

Features and mechanism of action of the drip against drinking period

The principle of action of a dropper from binge is quite simple and consists in the gradual controlled introduction of a combination of drugs through a vein into the patient’s body. In the process of administration, the concentration of alcohol in the blood decreases, blood pressure normalizes, the detoxification process is accelerated (removal of alcohol residues and toxic products of its decay), and the water-salt balance is restored.

Despite the simple and understandable principle of the dropper from binge drinking, its independent installation is strictly prohibited. Before using a dropper, the doctor must conduct a preliminary diagnosis of the patient, determine the current physical and mental state of the body, and also select the optimal composition of drugs, taking into account the data obtained.

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    Formula of alcohol drippers

    The optimal composition of the dropper is always determined by the attending physician, taking into account a wide range of factors: the physical and mental state of the patient, the duration of the binge, the presence of contraindications, the individual wishes of the patient or his relatives, etc.

    The traditional method of detoxification and infusion therapy includes:

    • To restore electrolyte balance – salt solutions and electrolytes;
    • For correction of fluid deficiency and hemodilution (blood dilution) – a balanced volume of corrective solutions;
    • For plasma alkalinization – preparations of sodium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate;
    • For intracorporeal detoxification – solutions with properties to bind, neutralize and remove toxins from the bloodstream and extracellular space;
    • To protect cells from toxic effects – Antihypoxants, Antioxidants and Cytoprotectors;
    • To correct the vitamin balance – vitamins of group B, PP, C, E;
    • Hepatotropic drugs – to restore liver function – hepatoprotectors, choleretic;
    • Metabolic drugs – to improve metabolic processes and maintain energy balance.
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    As part of the dropper, drugs from different manufacturers can be used, so the names may differ. The most popular are: Mexidol, Essentiale, Panangin, Heptral. Often the composition includes: antiemetic, sedative, and pain relieving medications.

    The composition of the dropper for binge drinking should take into account the individual characteristics of a particular patient – this approach significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure. Only a trained specialist should install the dropper.

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