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The abuse of alcoholic beverages always ends with intoxication of the body with all the ensuing consequences. After a few hours, a hangover sets in, a person becomes sick, acute headaches, nausea, vomiting, general weakness, dizziness, tachycardia and other unpleasant symptoms of ethanol poisoning appear.

Some people opt for a hangover to relieve or relieve symptoms – a vicious cycle that leads to binge drinking and a dramatic deterioration in overall health. Lack of timely medical care increases the risk of stroke and exacerbation of chronic diseases, therefore, narcologists recommend taking alcohol at home or in a hospital clinic.

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Alcohol dropper at home

A hangover dropper at home is the most common method for quickly eliminating the symptoms of ethyl alcohol poisoning. It allows you to remove the remains of ethyl alcohol and its toxic decomposition products from the blood, as well as reduce the level of harm to the body.

During the period of abuse, alcohol destroys many nutrients and vitamins, therefore, after alcohol, the dropper contains a complex of useful components that replenish energy and vitamin reserves.

When a specialist is called at home, a narcologist arrives with prepared equipment and medicines. Conducts an initial examination, assesses the physical and psychological state of the patient, puts him in a horizontal position and conducts the infusion of the composition. During the period of drug administration, the patient must be under constant supervision – this allows taking prompt medical measures (if necessary).

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Alcohol droppers – dropper composition

Binge is a serious condition of the body, accompanied by constant intoxication with ethyl alcohol and toxic products of its decay. It is accompanied by physical and psychoemotional disorders with subsequent withdrawal symptoms, can cause a number of pathological conditions and dysfunctions of internal organs.

Droppers after hard drinking have a special composition that allows you to quickly neutralize the negative effects of ethyl alcohol and relieve severe symptoms. The classic droppers for hard drinking at home include a whole range of drugs that have a comprehensive effect on the organs and systems of the body:

  • Sodium solution – restores metabolism and normalizes mineral metabolism;
  • Magnesium sulfate – normalizes the work of the heart muscle, eliminates arrhythmia, lowers blood pressure and has an antispasmodic effect;
  • Glucose is the main source of energy needed to restore metabolism and cleanse the body of toxic products of ethyl alcohol;
  • Disol – ensures the normalization of the water-salt and acid balance, has a dehydrating effect and relieves spasms;
    -Soloseryl – provides vasodilation, helps to normalize blood pressure.

In addition to the above drugs, the composition may include gelatinol, bicarbonate and other selective drugs: Essentiale, Magnesia, Panangin, Ascorbic acid, Unithiol, etc. The doctor can change the composition of the dropper from hard drinking depending on the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular patient.

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Why not to hangover?

Drinking alcohol during a hangover can relieve symptoms and symptoms. At the same time, a person runs the risk of receiving a number of negative consequences that can radically change his life. First of all, this concerns the systematic intake of alcohol into the body, which can cause gradual addiction, and, as a result, alcoholism.

If there is already a dependence, taking an additional dose of alcohol increases the concentration of toxins in the blood – this leads to an additional blow to the internal organs, and can also provoke a drunken state, fraught with the development of not only physiological, but also mental problems.

Alcohol dropper – why it is better to drip

The lack of timely high-quality drug treatment for hangover can lead to a number of negative consequences: from an increase in the duration of classic symptoms (headache, nausea, vomiting, tremors, general weakness, etc.), to severe vascular manifestations, up to a stroke.

Taking a drink from alcohol at home or in a hospital is a procedure that does not require much time, but it allows you to normalize the state of the body in a few hours, as well as eliminate the negative effect of toxins on the internal organs. Moreover, the price of a dropper from alcohol is significantly lower than the cost of treating possible consequences.

Where to get an alcohol dropper – clinic “MEDLUX”

Specialized drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX” offers favorable conditions for the installation of a dropper after a hangover at home and in the hospital. Highly qualified specialists work here, practicing an individual approach to each patient – this allows you to eliminate the consequences of ethyl poisoning in conditions comfortable for the patient with maximum efficiency.

All the necessary conditions have been created for inpatients, constant monitoring of the condition by a medical worker is ensured, and complete anonymity is guaranteed.

Call a narcologist to put a dropper in the MEDLUX clinic and get high-quality medical service that helps!

Alcohol drip cost

  • At home (Kyiv) 4000 uah
  • At home (Kyiv region) 4500 uah
  • In a clinic 5000 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv 4600 uah
  • Departure of the ambulance crew Kyiv region 5200 uah


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