Rehabilitation of drug addicts - all pros and cons

Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Drug addiction is one of the most acute medical and social problems in Ukraine. It leads to the destruction of tens of thousands of families, contributes to the rapid degradation of the addict’s personality, and also poses a real threat to the life of a once healthy person.

The most effective way to eliminate drug addiction is the treatment and further rehabilitation of the drug addict, which involves a number of individual and group procedures aimed at understanding the problem and complex motivation to eliminate it.

Key features of rehabilitation programs, all pros and cons

Today there are several popular drug rehabilitation programs. However, not all of them have identical effectiveness, which can have a positive and negative effect on the final result, namely, on the effectiveness of the patient’s recovery. Now we will analyze what should and should not be in an effective drug rehabilitation program, we will define the main pros and cons of specific methods used in Kyiv drug treatment clinics.

  • Working with psychologists and psychotherapy is a significant advantage of the drug rehabilitation program, which allows the patient not only to realize the whole essence of the problem, but also to get motivation to solve it, with subsequent psychological support at all stages of rehabilitation;

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    • The use of occupational therapy, which allows the serious condition of the body to be switched to the performance of useful activities. However, when choosing an occupational therapy program, a specialist should be guided by his professional knowledge, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient, including his psychology;
    • Religious rehabilitation methods, such as the 12 Steps program, allow the addict to cope with their problem based on religious principles, orienting the patient towards good relationships with other people. However, the religious factor, as a rule, works with believers, which is a significant obstacle in modern society with different views;
    • Rehabilitation, taking into account all aspects of drug addiction: from psychological to physiological, helps not only to eliminate symptoms, but also to understand a person, the reasons for their use – this means that in the process, a person receives serious motivation to completely eliminate the problem once and for all.
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    When it is necessary to be against rehabilitation

    Correct rehabilitation is not only a guarantee of the current positive results of treatment, but also the restoration of the body with a complete rejection of further drug use.

    Rehabilitation should not be carried out if:

    • If narcologists recommend the use of drug rehabilitation, with the use of various drugs: antidepressants, psychotropic substances, painkillers, sleeping pills, etc. This approach can only “transplant” the addict from one substance to another. Medications are used only in the treatment process – during detoxification and drug ‘coding’;
    • In the case of compulsory rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process should be built only on the patient’s personal desire to get rid of addiction. For this, psychologists conduct special individual and group consultations, motivate the addict to further restore physical and mental health. Forced rehabilitation will only cause a protest from the addict with a further rapid breakdown;
    • Rapid rehabilitation programs – can cause only a short-term effect, after which, almost always, a breakdown and resumption of drug intake follows. Remember, professional rehabilitation is a long, complex and laborious process that leads the patient to a complete and stable rejection of the drug-related life for several months.

    Do you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of drug rehabilitation programs? Contact the drug addiction clinic “MEDLUX”, and get a detailed consultation from specialized specialists!

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