How to understand that your close person is a salt addict

Salt addiction

Drug addiction is a real tragedy, affecting more and more Ukrainian families every year. Today, cases of the use of strong synthetic drugs – salts that cause persistent addiction after the first use – have become more frequent.

If you began to notice strange behavior of your close person or you have suspicions that he began to use drugs, you cannot waste precious time, which can play a decisive role in his future life. Contact a drug addiction clinic for professional help immediately!

What are salt drugs

Salt is a potent synthetic drug that is highly addictive after first use. It belongs to inexpensive “street” drugs and is distributed in solutions, powders or tablets. The active ingredient is mephedrone, a stimulant of nervous activity. Within a few minutes after use, the addict has the highest degree of high (bliss) – at this time the addict practically ceases to control his own actions.

Salt addicts under the influence of the substance become dangerous for themselves and others, the likelihood of committing criminal acts or attempts at suicide significantly increases. After the cessation of the action of the drug, withdrawal occurs: the patient experiences fear, he has phobias and panic attacks, and the main goal is to find and use the next dose.

By what signs to recognize a salt addict

Salt addicts display a number of specific behavioral, mental and physiological signs, which can be used to accurately determine a person’s involvement in drug use.

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    The classic signs of salt intake are:

    • Inadequate, non-human behavior – systematic leaving home without explanation (in the absence of objective factors), the use of eye drops unnecessarily;
    • Sudden mood swings – the effect of the drug begins within a few seconds after use, so sad behavior can quickly change to joyful and vice versa;
    • Dilated pupils – appear during the period of drug action or during withdrawal;
    • Pallor of the skin and weight loss – addicts with a long experience of use do not receive enough nutrients for the normal functioning of the body. During this period, an active depletion of the body occurs, a person loses body weight, and the skin becomes pale with a specific bluish tint;
    • “Wild” look – after taking a narcotic substance, a person has a “wild”, “frenzied” look. From the outside, it may seem that the addict cannot understand what is happening to him, he is obsessed with any idea, or he has mental abnormalities;
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    • Trembling of the lower jaw is one of the specific signs of salt intake. Tremor appears as a result of prolonged drug use. The body gradually loses control over the facial muscles, which causes constant tension in the muscles of the lower jaw;
    • Uncontrollable grimaces – under the influence of salts, the addict is not able to independently control the work of the facial muscles, so from the outside it may seem that the person is grimacing.

    An additional argument that may indicate the use of salts is the presence of objects used in the process of use: bags with “salt” or empty (for small doses of powder), syringes, tourniquets, whole crystals, anonymous tablets, etc.

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