7 tips for addicts’ parents - what not to do

Drug addict's parents

The news that a child has become a drug addict often stuns parents, it can “knock down” even the most self-confident and psychologically stable people, because every parent sees only the best in his child, believes in his success and hopes that the latter will become good a person who will never be touched by such acute social problems as drug addiction.

In this article, we will provide 7 valuable tips for parents facing child drug addiction. These tips will help you understand the essence of the problem and will allow you to direct forces in the right direction for its successful solution, which will return the child to a normal healthy life, where there is no place for drugs.

7 tips for addicts’ parents

  • Don’t continue to fund the addict
Remember, all the money that you give your child for good purposes, for example, for school, clothes, the purchase of new gadgets (phones, computers, tablets, etc.), as well as other needs are spent not only for these purposes, but also for the purchase of drugs. The constant flow of money from parents allows the child not to think about his problem, continuing to use drugs;
  • Don’t pay back the addict’s debts
If your child is already an adult and has the opportunity to borrow money on his own without paying off his borrowers, stop paying his debts – he perceives your actions as a reward. As a result, it turns out that it is you who pay for the new dose and whims for your offspring;

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    • Don’t leave valuables unattended

    The desire of the addict to use the next dose pushes the latter to commit crimes. Addicts can easily “clean” their own apartment or the homes of close people from jewelry and money. You should not hide money, most likely the drug addict will find it – keep it outside the home, for example, in a financial institution, with close people, or any other safe place;

    • Do not cover up or create a comfortable environment for the addict

    If you get a call from school, institute or work about your child’s next truancy, there is no need to “shield” the addict. Covering – you encourage his actions, the addict begins to feel that he will always be covered, that he can continue to use without thinking about the need for treatment and rehabilitation;

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    • Don’t let your own comfort and order be disturbed

    You cannot allow a drug addict to set rules in the family, to push around his parents – this will only result in an aggravation of the problem;

    • Do not drink alcohol with a drug addict

    Many parents believe that drug addiction is not related to alcohol, and allow themselves to drink alcohol with older children, for example, on holidays – encouraging a drug addict to drink is tantamount to encouraging drugs;

    • Do not leave the problem and the child alone

    It should be understood that the problem of drug addiction cannot be resolved on its own – it is only getting worse. Therefore, it is necessary to take adequate measures to eliminate it – the first step is to go to a drug treatment clinic.

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