Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a pathology of the reproductive system of men or women, provoked by external or internal factors, including psychological ones. The problem manifests itself regardless of gender, age group and social status of a person. But in most cases, it is registered in people aged 50 and over.

Depending on the cause, genital dysfunction can have various symptomatic manifestations: impotence (impaired erectile function), lack of orgasm, depressed libido, pain during intercourse, weakening of desire, convulsive contraction of the vagina, violation of the arousal phase, etc.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Today, a large number of reasons are known that can disrupt the function of the human reproductive system. All reasons are divided into two main groups: physiological and psychological.

Physiological factors include:

  • Endocrine system disorders – dysfunction of the gonads;
  • Alcohol abuse, the presence of other bad habits;
  • Wrong diet;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Lack of physical activity, regular use of antidepressants;
  • Hormonal disorders – dysfunction of sex hormones.

Psychological factors include:

  • Excessive anxiety before contact, low self-esteem;
  • Lack of sexual desire for a woman or man, acute fear of pregnancy;
  • Overwork, depression and stressful situations;
  • Sex-related psychological trauma to one or both partners.

Only a specialized doctor can determine the exact cause of the pathology, after a comprehensive diagnosis of the body. In some cases, medication taken by a person can cause impaired function.

Men’s sexual dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction is a common problem in middle-aged and older men, accompanied by dysfunction of the penis: the inability to achieve an erection for sexual intercourse or a short duration of erection, which does not allow the act to be completed.

The problem can be both primary – when a man has never in his life been able to make full-fledged sexual contact with a woman, and secondary – when, until a certain period, sexual life was normal, but then a failure occurred.

Periodic disorders occur in completely healthy men – this is not a pathology, but if a man experiences problems in more than 25% of cases, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor for professional help.

Women’s sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a common problem, usually seen in middle-aged and older women in their 30s and 55s who have had multiple births. In the early stages of the development of the problem, women experience a decrease in sexual arousal, sexual sensations weaken, painful sensations may appear during the act.

The interpersonal relationships of partners can play a special role in the formation of the problem. In women much more often than in men, psychological factors associated with emotional outbursts and depressive symptoms become the cause.

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Treatment of sexual dysfunction

The basis for the treatment of men and women is high-quality diagnostics by a specialized specialist who determines the exact cause of the development of the problem. Treatment methods directly depend on the pathology that caused the dysfunction.

Depending on the root cause of the pathology, in the course of treatment, the following can be used:

  • Psychotherapeutic methods involving visits to: a neurologist, nutritionist, psychologist, psychotherapist and other specialized specialists;
  • Physiotherapeutic methods involving the implementation of a set of physical exercises, massages, sessions of electromagnetic and laser treatment;
  • Surgical treatment is used in extreme cases when conservative methods cannot provide the desired effect.

The optimal treatment regimen for dysfunction of the reproductive system is determined only by the attending physician, based on the data of the initial examination, test results and the individual characteristics of the patient’s body!

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