Mistakes of the addicts’ parents

Parents of an addict

The active spread of child alcoholism and drug addiction causes serious damage not only to the health of the children themselves, falling into a vicious circle, from which it is almost impossible to get out on their own, but also provides a crushing moral blow to the child’s parents who dreamed of a happy, carefree life for their children, their professional development and nice friendly family with grandchildren.

Learning and realizing that the child has become addicted, parents are lost and do not know what actions to take. It is the rash actions performed taking into account the emotional factor that lead to serious consequences that repel the addict from their parents, only exacerbating the situation.

Most common mistakes of addicts’ parents

Provide material support to the addict

Thanks to the money received from the parents, the child can at any time acquire the desired dose of drugs or alcohol. As a rule, parents, by their own actions, contribute to the further aggravation of the problem, but they are unable to refuse their beloved child, considering him only a victim of addiction.

In such cases, it is necessary to completely eliminate the factor of material assistance to the child. The less he has access to money, the more difficult it is to find a resource to purchase a drink or another dose of drugs – the intervals between uses can be reduced, which gives additional time for timely treatment of the patient;

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    Pay off the debts of an alcoholic or a drug addict

    In the event that your child is already old enough to borrow money to satisfy his own desires, he should understand what responsibility he takes on.

    As long as such loans get away with, and his debts are regularly paid, he will not start thinking about his own treatment and will continue to use your kindness, sinking deeper and deeper into addiction;

    They believe that the addict is powerless in the face of his problem.

    This opinion is one of the most serious mistakes of parents who begin to pity and indulge the dependent child in every possible way. He takes over their emotions and also begins to feel sorry for himself, not even thinking about getting rid of the addiction. It is worth getting together and taking a responsible step – to ask for help from qualified narcologists;

    Believe the promises of an alcoholic and a drug addict

    The vast majority of addicts try not to admit the perniciousness of their problem, they say that use is just self-indulgence that can be quit at any time. Addicts cheat their parents in almost everything, for example, that they were at work or with friends – in fact, they were using.

    It is necessary to clearly realize that addicts are prone to regular lies and need professional help. In its absence, they will continue to mislead their close people by continuing to drink alcohol or use drugs;

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    Show indifference to the child’s problems against the background of fatigue

    The indifference of parents to the problems of their own child is quite rare – this can occur against the background of chronic fatigue, when a person does not notice the obvious facts, as well as against the background of despair, when the parents for a long time tried to save the addict from his problem, but all attempts ended in failure and further use.

    In such cases, the only right decision should be to turn to qualified narcologists who are able to carry out the correct psychological work with the addict and provide effective treatment;

    Sending regular reproaches towards the addict

    Constant moral pressure from close people on a dependent child, in the form of scandals, reproaches and threats, causes only irritation and hatred towards close people on the part of the latter. As a rule, there is only powerlessness and despair behind such actions. Pressure and reproaches from close people can lead to the fact that the child leaves the house at any opportunity for him;

    Believe in the child’s self-healing

    Of course, cases of self-recovery from alcohol and drug addiction take place in medical practice, but they are so rare and are accompanied by a number of critical problems. Therefore, self-healing is the exception rather than the rule. Delaying time, unwillingness to contact specialists to solve the problem in a medical way, leads to an aggravation of addiction, which over time can lead to serious consequences, including death.

    Do not make the above mistakes, and in a timely manner seek help from specialists – this will return your child to a normal life in a social environment!

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