Marchenko Alksander
Marchenko Alksander

Marchenko Alksander

Born on 25 July, 1981, psychiatrist.




  • National Medical University (2007);
  • KiMU Master of Administration;
  • Internship in psychiatry (2009);
  • Numerous thematic courses;
  • Improvement in the direction of psychiatry and narcology.


  • After the end of the internship to the present time, a psychiatrist at the KNP KB “Psychiatry” in Kyiv;
  • Since March 2020, a psychiatrist at the MEDLUX clinic.

Scientific activity

Research interests in the field of mental consequences of the use of psychostimulants by persons with psychotic disorders.

Performed procedures

Diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders of the psychotic and neurotic level in adults.

Treatment of diseases

Acute psychoses, affective (depressive, manic) neurotic states, exacerbation of chronic mental disorders, reactive states, mental consequences of use.

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