What is the role of a parent in use of the addicted person

Family codependency

The parent is the formative focus of the subject of addiction, since this disease is formed mostly in adolescence. The formation of patterns of behavior affects the structure of the disease called addiction.

In particular, resentment or feelings of guilt towards close people can be the reasons accompanying the use of substances.

An addicted person “involves” into the disease all people close to him, in whom codependency is formed, as a specific reaction. Thus, codependent family members of an alcoholic find themselves in a difficult situation and are forced to change their behavior, lifestyle and even perception of the world. This scheme works absolutely automatically and directly connects these two concepts (dependence and codependency).

The role of the parent has a strong influence on the formation of the disease, and can also accompany the use.

Relatives, due to strong affection, take care of the patient, thereby they may not allow him to feel all the negative consequences of a destructive lifestyle, and also “take away” the possibility of cognition of negative motivation as a result of addiction.

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    Constantly “pulling” out of problems, the addict cannot realize the destructive consequences of his life. It is necessary to carry out a separation process (separation) in order for a person to learn to take responsibility for life.

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